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1. YES you can be refused entry or asked to leave if you do not have your key card.
You should never let anyone in the doors if they do not have a key card on them. 

2. Can I bring guests?
Yes any member can bring in 3 guests, your guests must be signed in and the member is totally responsible for their guests. Guests must leave when the member leaves.
3. Can non members rent the facilities.
Yes you can rent and hold functions if you are not a member. 
call 717-264-9845 press 5 or email
4. How do I become a member.
We have several types of memberships.
Post members- Must have served during war time in a foreign country. 
Social Veteran - if you served but not during war time in a foreign country.
Auxiliary member - an immediate family member served during war time in a foreign country.
Social - non of the above applies (we allow limited social members)
email if you have any membership questions
5. Reservation Highly Recommended for Friday Evening Dining Call our reservation line at 717-753-2153

Call each Saturday for the following Friday. Advanced reservations are not accepted.

This is the only # to be used for making or changing reservations, if you call or text any other number your reservation may not be honored. We ask that you do not give reservations to any staff members, they do not have access to the reservation book and can not guarantee your time or table.

No hats are to be worn in the facility unless it is part of a uniform or costume. If you are unsure ask someone.