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The plight of the more than 140,000 American former prisoners of war is a burden that stays with each of them, and we would be remiss if we do not acknowledge and honor those who endured such hardships on our behalf.

It is also the duty of every American to remember that some 81,000 service members are still listed as missing in action. Their families still hold out hope that one day they will receive the call that their loved one has been found. We owe them our support and vigilance until that day comes.

Whether it’s by attending a POW/MIA ceremony, setting a special POW/MIA table at an event, or holding a candlelight vigil, the more than 1.4 million members of the VFW and its Auxiliary ask everyone to remember the service and sacrifice of America’s former POWs, and to keep the candle of hope lit until all our nation’s missing service men and women are accounted for.